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As you learned in the previous page, carbon dating uses the half-life of Carbon-14 to find the approximate age of certain objects that are 40,000 years old or younger.

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The all-star line-up includes Steven Schick and the Paul Dresher Ensemble.

In the world of Intellectual Property, anything that vibrates is fair game.

There's a fancy Latin expression, reductio ad absurdum, which means reducing an argument to its most preposterous conclusion.

The history of the Columbia Graphophone is long and convoluted, and I would like to propose some pseudo-Latin to you in order to better articulate it: reductio ad simplicitum.

We make every effort to make sure that the guest list combines a mix of JJunction members and non-members. When you arrive, you will be given a nametag and dating card.

You will then have a few minutes to get a drink and settle in.

He's a rebel—easily the longest-haired professor at Stanford—and a highly-respected pedagogue.

He creates electroacoustic sound sculptures from mundane pieces of junk—nuts, bolts, wire, springs, and the like—then proceeds to coax sublimely surreal sounds from them.

Model airplane builders used to be youthful enthusiasts and essentially WERE the market - now the model industry is adult oriented and caters primarily to radio control from giant scale down to park flyers. Would you like to become involved with radio controlled vintage model flying? Would you like to have a flying site that is devoted to R/C vintage models (i.e. SAM is an international organization of vintage fliers and holds a national competition each year (SAM Champs).Collect Air has vintage wood model airplane kits for sale, both flying models and solid display models, aimed at the serious collector. from around 1940, scaled to 75% and powered by an ignition Ohlsson 23 FR with an alternate of a Bantam 19 engine. The AMA is an all encompassing model flying organization with many special interest groups - the main purpose for vintage fliers to belong is the insurance coverage for our flying, whether club flying or competition meets.We also have special exhibits of old wood kits, completed models, ignition model engines, and rare model airplane catalogs dating back to 1912. The Flying Aces is another organization which is involved in flying scale, rubber-powered models built in the fashion of the 1930s and 40s. The strut fairings are per the original Cleveland plan. Local chapters of SAM require that members belong to the AMA and recommend SAM membership if they intend to fly models at club sites.I'm going to assume that you landed on this site because you came into an old Graphophone and want some basic, simple information about it.So first I'm going to expose you to a little (but just a little) phonographic history, then I'm going to show you identification for some models, and lastly I'm going to talk about some repairs specific to Columbia machines.Your table number is listed next to your name on the dating card.