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Built on the classical platform, Yamaha's NTX700 acoustic-electric classical guitar features a cutaway, for comfort when playing in the higher register fret positions. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement), an original wood reforming technology developed by Yamaha.

This NTX starts with a solid spruce top, for warm, balanced tone. Through precise controll of temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure, the molecular properties of the wood can be manipulated into a more acoustically ideal condition, similar to the molecular characteristics of woods in instruments that have been played for years.

All GC guitars are well made and have marquetry second to none.

Traditional bracing are used on all GC with Spanish heel used on all pre-1985 models and the top models made after 1985.

In 1921, Yamaha acquired the Nishikawa & Sons in Yokohama after a death of its founder, and continued to manufacture the Nishikawa organs and pianos until 1936.

seems to be a multi-timbral keyboard instrument based on electrically blown free reeds with pickups, and possibly similar to the electrostatic reed organs developed by Frederick Albert Hoschke in 1934 then manufactured by Everett and Wurlitzer until 1961.

Yet the success of Yamaha guitars is influenced more by their reputation for high quality and the outstanding value their instruments offer for the money than by the usual forms of guitar hero worship that drive many guitar sales.

As a result, Yamaha has quietly satisfied the needs of all walks of players from beginner to pro while an ever-changing parade of trendier instruments have hogged the spotlight.

It produces a sharper tone while simultaneously controlling dissonance in the high range.The versatile, contemporary styled NTX line is designed with thinner bodies, narrower necks, 14th fret neck joints, and cutaway designs to provide greater comfort and playability for today's steel-string acoustic and electric players.This Yamaha guitar is perfect for adding nylon-string tone to a wide range of musical styles from latin to jazz, Pop to Rock.It is and will be my pleasure to "meet & chat" with fellow Yamaha GC fans all over the world.Please feel free to share your experiences and aspirations.This guitar had many chips and wear to its finish, however the spruce top is flawless when I first acquired it.