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If this user gets several bad feedbacks from different users, he won’t be able to IM anyone for a variable period of time. If you are on a narrowband connection, try not opening so many video windows. Are you sure the person you are trying to view doesn't have their video paused? If you an antivairus or firewall then add Camfrog to the "allow" list.Turn your website into a destination worth visiting. With Flyzoo you can also provide support to your users/customers/visitors.When you pair new information with immediate follow-up questions, you help your team process the information multiple times and in multiple ways.Redundant processing helps your team retain the information that’s most important. Using immediate followup questions not only helps your team retain important information, it also gives you insight into who’s engaged and who’s falling behind.If you still cannot logon to Camfrog and you have no firewall software installed, then there is probably a temporary network problem with your service provider, or a temporary problem with our server. Please give specific details of what happened and what room it happened in.If there is an emergency, you should contact your local law enforcement agency.But when you talk to someone face-to-face, they pick up all the non-verbal cues that make human communication so rich.Video messages let you communicate with your team in a way that conveys your personality and emotion.

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