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In this article, I will discuss briefly: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is a debilitating and painful condition.It is often confused with regular muscle soreness, but regular muscle soreness and DOMS differ fundamentally.Sure, you can't sit, stand, go up or down the stairs, scratch your head, or put on a jacket, but hey, at least you earned it!Outside of the weight room, however, DOMS is a more contentious topic.Lisa-beachouse :: Natural-Order :: Naughty_Dragon :: nocturne :: Norse_Paganism :: notepad :: No_Velcro Collar_Den :: Nude Hot Tub :: Our_Brothel :: Paradise :: pee :: Perezs :: Perezs Mounntain Home :: Perezs Mountain Home :: piss :: PLD :: Pleasure&Pain :: Pleasure_library_Dungeon :: polybbw :: Poolside :: Port_Kar :: princess_palace :: Public Service :: Punished_Slut :: Purgatory :: Radio-Airwaves-Lounge :: Radio Meltdown :: red_fang_room :: reena :: Ride_The_Lightning :: roleplayofallkinds :: Rose_Garden :: rpoak_ops :: RTL_Kennels :: rubberdoll_bondage :: s/D_help :: Sanctuary :: sarbear :: Scening Room :: Scorpions_Den :: seyyal's_saloon :: Shadycorner :: shemales :: Silkand Steel Tavern :: Silks :: Sleen_Claw_Inn :: Sloppy Seconds :: slutswithbrains :: SR_Staff :: SS^Sanctum :: sub/Dom :: submission :: subs_seeking_Masters :: Surrendered^Service :: susiecumslut :: Swamp`Cave :: Sweet Torture :: TA's_cave :: Tantric Sex :: Tavern :: Tavern_of_Silken_Baubles :: Teals_Chambers :: Tease Me :: Teh_Anti-Socia L_Network :: Texas_Playground :: the-alley :: The-Hideout :: The-Music-Box :: thebackroom :: The Chateau Noir :: the Cove :: The Dinner Party :: The Lair :: The Library :: The Old Wolfs Den :: The Radio :: The Royal Bed Chambers :: The Silver Tower :: the^aerie :: the^aeries`Dungeon :: The_Cove_of_Song :: The_Dungeon :: The_Extreme_Use_Dungeon :: The_Homestone :: The_Keep :: The_Love_Shack :: The_Nook :: the_playroom :: The_Script_Clinic :: the_temple :: The_Warrior's_Hand :: The_Workshop :: The`Basement :: Throating :: Total_Recall :: Tricia's_Apartment :: Trivia_Lets Get Quizzical :: Trivia_Playpen :: Turia :: TWH-Dancing :: TWH-girls-spot :: Twilights_Inn :: Twisted_Paradise :: Vamps`Cafe :: verbalabuse :: Victoria :: watersports :: White_Bosk :: white_cunts_for_Black_Cock :: Whitts_End :: Williams Rest :: women_are_property_of_men :: Writhing`Kajira :: Wulfstan`s_Chambers :: xena :: ~nymphaea's~hedonistic~niche~ :: For Official Server m IRC Scripts With a Variety of Themes please click Here Chat RULES CHECK OUT OUR NEW FREE WEB CAM & VOICE CHAT SITE, IDEAL FOR CAM SEX, CYBERSEX & PHONESEX....! Do you need some obedience training from a mistress? A typical top/bottom or dom/sub relationship has is based upon a relationship in which the […] Part of the fun of the Daddy Dom life style is giving and receiving punishment.Here are some of our fa So you have been participating in the Adult Little, or Daddy Dom lifestyle I am sure that you have some go to punishments that are sure to work every time.

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Stormy Night Publications has a bunch of Naughty books and Serafine Laveaux writes books […] What is a daddy dom? A Daddy Dom is a slight variation from a traditional dominant in a dominant/submissive relationship in that they must consider their subs inner child dynamic. Do you want to meet submissives and do some spanking? After an intense cardio workout or weight-training session, you might feel extreme exhaustion, muscle soreness, and nausea.Some athletes get DOMS only occasionally, while other athletes suffer from it on a continual and chronic basis.DOMS prevention is one of the most important considerations for an athlete because DOMS dramatically affects every aspect of training, including working intensity, muscle strength, muscle gain, training effect, body composition, hormone levels, anabolism, catabolism and exercise recovery.One theory holds that the lactic acid release from intense training causes a shift in muscle p H, which subsequently dampens neural impulses in muscles and causes soreness during movement or compression.